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The role

Help in a wide range of vital office roles in marketing, design, administration, event organisation, social media campaigns or publicity. Assist in planning and organising fundraising events or help maintain the mailing lists and compile the newsletters.

Work with the Guildhall staff to set up and administrate team training. We can make good use of people who have an eye for detail, familiarity with office skills, organisation or administration. You might have design or research skills, marketing or secretarial experience. It would be heaven if you have social media skills! Whatever your office background we can find a role to suit you.

What might a typical day involve?

If you enjoy the marketing side of things, you attend volunteer marketing meetings, or you meet with the Guildhall Manager plan the marketing of the next season’s events and the design of the What’s On leaflet. You help to plan and oversee the distribution of leaflets and posters. You write a news item or a blog for the website or a press release.

If you are more interested in offering administrative support, you offer a morning to help to update the volunteering training records and mailing list. There may be photocopying, laminating, filing, scanning to do. The Friends Newsletter is due out next week, and there are some articles which were promised but need chasing up. You get on the office phone to call a few people to remind them.

As part of a team, you might undertake to do a regular slot in the office and support diary bookings for the Guildhall Manager to show prospective wedding couples around.

Sounds like it could be your sort of thing? What next?

We are open to the public 10:00am-4:00pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 11:00am-4:00pm on Sundays. You are invited to pop in and see us at work, to find out more about volunteering roles.

Complete a volunteer registration form here and email it to

We’ll have a chat and arrange opportunities to visit and shadow others in your team. When you are ready, you can sign up for regular or ad hoc sessions.




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