The Guildhall becomes a stage for
Norwich-based Theatre Company

16 Mar 2021

“The Guildhall is a very atmospheric venue,
we had a great time.”

On their last tour before the pandemic hit, The Keeper’s Daughter Theatre Company stopped off at the Guildhall for their family fun and festive adaptation of the classic, A Christmas Carol. For two shows in December 2019, a cast of two actors, Geir Madland and Fizz Waller, transformed the Guildhall’s Court Room into a magical theatre. With outstanding acts, excellent set and lighting and a spellbound audience, the production was a marvellous success with a sold-out afternoon performance.

“The Guildhall is an appealing historic building with great flexibility for public events.”

For Mark Finbow, the company’s director, the Guildhall was the perfect venue for their stage. He said the Guildhall was the first location to be booked for the tour and he would definitely hire it again in the future, as the staff were easy to work with. Based in Norwich but working throughout East Anglia, The Keeper’s Daughter is a small group producing inventive and innovative projects. Rarely working with more than ten creatives at a time, the company embraces the opportunity to work beyond the conventional theatre stage and try out smaller spaces, such as the Guildhall. Mark sees these intimate venues as allowing a greater scope for experimentation and a more dynamic and tangible experience for the audience. This was certainly the case at the Guildhall.

“Working with the Guildhall was
an all-round positive experience!”

Mark hired the Guildhall for The Keeper’s Daughter’s production as he already knew of and loved the venue, having visited various times for theatre rehearsals.

As a second home to the nationally acclaimed Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, the Guildhall has often been used as a workshop and rehearsal space.

Since The Keeper’s Daughter’s A Christmas Carol at the Guildhall, the company has been working away behind the scenes, developing, planning and writing new projects for when productions can happen again. Keep an eye out for their adaption of HG Well’s The Time Machine, hopefully on tour in Autumn 2021.

The Guildhall had a great time collaborating with The Keeper’s Daughter and we hope our venue can become a stage again soon.

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Quotes from interview with Mark Finbow. Interview by Rosie Grant.

Photography by Al Pulford, featuring Geir Madland and Fizz Waller in A Christmas Carol by The Keeper’s Daughter.