QuirkHouse Theatre Company will return to the Guildhall!

27 May 2021

“The Guildhall is a perfect venue for storytelling.”

QuirkHouse Theatre Company celebrates originality, creativity and talent. They strive to bring theatre to people and places that might not usually see it, such as in the depths of East Anglia. Founded in Suffolk in 2014 by Actor-Poet AJ Deane and Writer-Musician Jackie Carreira, QuirkHouse puts on unique productions that are light-hearted and life affirming, providing a new experience for their audience every time.

QuirkHouse has collaborated with the Guildhall twice before, with Jackie’s one-day writer’s retreat and AJ’s storytelling sessions based on the history of theatre and Bury St. Edmunds, and are returning this summer for their performance of “The Seventh Train”. Particularly drawn to the versatile spaces of the Guildhall, the group embrace the venue’s well-sized rooms, fantastic acoustics and the possibility of performing outside! As a Bury boy himself, AJ is also keen to support local organisations such as the Guildhall, which he has performed at many times.

QuirkHouse do not limit themselves to the traditional stage and regularly experiment with their setting. From pubs to libraries, gardens to historic buildings like the Guildhall, the theatre company perform in diverse locations to widen their audience within the community. One of their favourite things about being part of a theatre company is the opportunity to entertain people, and if their audiences go away asking questions of themselves, then all the better!

“We get to explore the extraordinary in the mundane, and tell stories that may otherwise go unremarked.”

Storytelling is at the heart of QuirkHouse as a theatre company, and their productions are always new writing. The play that will performed at the Guildhall on 24th June, “The Seventh Train”, is written by Jackie and is a poignant tale of journeys, beginnings and endings. Last performed in Spring 2015, it is a personal favourite among the group and they are pleased to be performing it again!

‘The Seventh Train’ performance at the Guildhall

Date – Thursday 24th June

Time – 7:30pm

Tickets – £15

This performance is part of the Guildhall Season – three weeks of brilliant live events. Click the logo for more details!