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Martin Taylor

Sunday Talk: Lost Bury St Edmunds. A Talk by Martyn Taylor – Sun 18th Jan

Bury St Edmunds is a proud and traditional market town that has managed to preserve its identity in the face of post-war modernisation.

This talk looks at what is no longer with us starting from the beginning of the 20thC century - people, places, pubs, shops etc.

It will not only evoke memories of residents born here but will also show newcomers what was once here.

Sunday 18th Jan at 11:00am. Admission £6.50; Concessions £5 – click here to book

Scaffolding goes up!

Work is underway to secure and protect the roof to the rear of the building - which is vital to the feasibility of the entire project - for the next few hundred years.

Hard Hats on!