School Visits

Your class adventure at Bury St Edmunds Guildhall starts here.

From Summer term 2018, we’ll be able to help you create a half or full day package of engaging class sessions, self-guided tours and hands-on experience.

Teacher Orientation Events planned for January 2018 - Here’s a selection of activities which will be on offer.

Guildhall Class Resource Packs

All our booked sessions will come with complementary cross-curricular Resource packs for class use before and after your visit.

Early Years & Foundation level

Long Ago, In Our Town

Curriculum link: EYFS Understanding the world

An active and creative session taking the youngest children on an exploration, and introducing the concept of time and ‘long ago’. Using story-telling, dressing up, song and craft, the session encourages the key developmental areas of speaking and listening, close observation and fine-motor skills.

Key Stage 1 & 2

My Magna Carta

Curriculum link: History | PSHCE

Rules are important in order for us to live together peacefully and fairly. Bury St Edmunds played a significant role in the signing of this famous document which changed history. This session helps pupils consider what’s fair and what’s not, and how we can live together well – and make their very own Magna Carta to take home.

Key Stage 2

Law and Order at the Guildhall

Curriculum link: History | PSHCE

In the actual courtroom, pupils will use role-play and debate and aided by costumed en-actors, pupils will play judge, jury, lawyers and defendants in a thrilling and engaging exploration of right, wrong, justice and mercy and the grey areas in between.

Key Stage 2

History Alive
Bury St Edmunds Medieval Life

Curriculum link: History – local study

Immerse your pupils in a half-day workshop exploring medieval civic life, home life, food, medicine and music of the medieval era. Using the Guildhall’s history as a base, they’ll discover herbs in the kitchen and garden, local customs and traditions and create music of the era.

Key Stage 2

Incoming Enemy Aircraft!
WWII Observer Centre

Curriculum link: History – local study | Literacy

Discover the importance of the Guildhall and Bury St Edmunds in ‘Britain’s darkest hour’. As England was under threat of invasion, the Royal Observation Corps sprang into action, with the Guildhall Ops room the hive of activity day and night for the duration of the war. Fielding directions to RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall with drama and roleplay, pupils will also solve mapping, co-ordinates and strategy problems.

(Don’t forget your gasmask!)

Key Stage 3 & 4

History Alive
Bury St Edmunds Tudor Life

Curriculum link: History | Literacy

A half-day workshop exploring Tudor life in Bury St Edmunds. Meet our Tudor cook and discover medicinal and culinary uses for the herbs in the Knot garden. Gather in the Guildhall and debate the Poor Law act and prosperity of the town during the Tudor era.

Key Stage 3 & 4

Justice & Citizenship

Curriculum link: History | PSHCE | Drama

Can ‘Crime’ ever be ‘Right’? Can the Law be wrong? And who decides anyway? Using original research and case-studies, pupils will act out trial scenes from different eras in the actual courtroom, weigh up the evidence and decide on the punishment: pillory, birch or hard labour.

Key Stage 4, 6th Form & Further Education

Crime & Punishment

Curriculum link: History | Politics | Law | Drama

Through role-play, debate and using original cases-studies, students will explore the development of the English legal system, crime, punishment and democracy. Using critical evaluation, the growth of civic society in Bury St Edmunds through history will be revealed as an exemplar.

6th Form & Colleges

Art, Architecture & Design
through the ages

Higher Education Self-guided sessions

Giving students the tools to investigate design and architecture through a range of historical periods with downloadable materials and activity suggestions.

Loan Boxes

The Guildhall comes to your school

Let us come to your classroom. Bury Guildhall will have a selection of Loan Boxes suitable for class use supporting curriculum requirements for history, local studies and English. Packed with artefacts (genuine and replica), costume, lesson plan suggestions, digital music, images and resources.