High Sheriff of Suffolk gives vote of thanks to our volunteers

14 Mar 2018

The Courtroom of the Guildhall was as bustling as it might have been in the 13th century as townspeople crowded in to witness the trial of some unfortunate local resident.

This time, however, those present were full of optimism at what the future holds. The High Sheriff was here to thank the hundred or so volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to making the Guildhall Project a success. More than 70 were present to listen to speeches and to mingle with fellow volunteers. There was a palpable sense of energy and anticipation in the room.

For those, like myself, who had not previously had a tour of the building, the sheer beauty of the renovation was striking. Being guided around the rooms by the Guildhall Manager, Suzanne Stevenson, was like stripping off the layers of a manuscript and looking at the traces of what lies beneath. So we went from the present to the 2nd World War to the Stuarts, to the Tudor kitchen, to the Medieval world of Henry III.

If the aim of the day was to thank and enthuse the volunteers, then it was a resounding success.

Wednesday 14th March 2018. John Byrne