Plans take shape for an interactive and engaging heritage experience

22 Jul 2014

Consultation launches for innovative renewal of the Guildhall into a heritage experience to complement existing Bury attractions.

Since successfully receiving Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) support for the development of the Guildhall project in 2013, Bury St Edmunds Heritage Trust have been busy scoping out the range of options for a revamped and most importantly, open Guildhall. Consultation has now re-opened as the project is evolving throughout the development period and in the run up to the final comprehensive funding submission to HLF.

The purpose of this tranche of consultation is to gather views on new attraction’s offer and what it can do to complement pre-existing attractions in Bury while creating an experience that is innovative, sustainable and exciting for local people and tourists. To do the survey right away click here.

Rather than simply a heritage centre, the project has developed into a concept that could bring the history of Bury to life through live actors and volunteers, interactive displays, a targeted education programme supporting the new curriculum, and a sensory experience for people with disabilities. The project could also see the establishment of a community co-operative on-site growing heritage food, herbs and undertaking live action events and activities from Bury’s long and distinguished past as well as a rolling temporary exhibitions programme showcasing aspects of Bury’s heritage as well as some of the best displays from around the country, including national museums.

Creative ideas and feedback, however, are critical to the success of the project. This is why a new phase of consultation has begun targeting residents and community groups of Bury St. Edmunds, stakeholders and potential partners in the town, as well as teachers and educators from around the county.

“It’s essential that we get the new Bury Guildhall Experience right and ensure it is offering something innovative, inclusive and community-focused for the people of Bury.” said Mike Jackson, Project Director and Trustee of the Bury Heritage Trust.

“This is why we are further testing our ideas as the project develops. This project is about creating something that adds value to Bury St. Edmunds as a community and telling the previously untold stories of the town and its people whilst at the same time writing another chapter in Bury’s future,”

There will be an Open Day on Saturday 13 September at 10.00am to 17.00pm at the Guildhall where you can view the plans and talk to the team behind the development.

To find out more about the project and share your ideas and thoughts, visit or email us for a hard copy booklet on

For more information contact Frank Crosby or Sarah Dowd of Tricolor Associates on 01353 720000 or email