Having a ball! £12,000 raised at final event before the builders move in.

31 Jan 2017

Funds: The old refrain…

For a project like ours the need to raise donated funds never goes away. Our immediate concerns are to find a way of avoiding the sale of 79 Whiting Street if possible, and to raise the money to complete the conservation and repair work which is not funded at this stage but will have to be done eventually. In December we held a fundraising event at the Guildhall, excellently organised by Jo Ellen Grzyb and her team of ladies (plus a few chaps), at which we raised £12,000. Moreover by showcasing ‘A Taste of Things to Come’ I am sure we kept alive the appetite for what we envision.

Here is a link to a recording using the password ‘Guildhall’.

At the same time our fundraiser is working hard with our Project Manager on more applications to trusts and foundations. And last but not least one of our loyal Friends has volunteered to run a marathon in aid of our cause! Here is the offer from Will Dale.

‘Run for the Guildhall’

‘I am no athlete, far from it, just a regular chap in his middle years. My quest on running 26.2 miles started 3 years ago when I entered the Halstead marathon. Bad mistake. Unbeknown to me that region in North Essex is remarkably hilly so not a good marathon to do as your first. I managed 8 miles before having to quit due to breathing problems. Undeterred I signed up for the Cambridge Boundary Run last year, but a day before the race I pulled my left calf muscle rendering me incapacitated, so last year I didn’t even make the start line !!So I have signed up for the Cambridge Boundary Run again this year . I thought, to keep the desire, I need more of an incentive, I need for others to share my quest and dig, however deep for a fantastic cause in gaining back to life such an iconic building in Bury for us all to share. To all readers I appreciate any little pledge that you can spare that might help with the Guildhall Project, that will benefit us all in the heart of our beautiful Bury.’ The race is on 26 February. To support Will please contact our fundraiser at and she will process and record your pledge.