Sunday Talk Series: 1000 Years of Costume – Sun 9th Feb


1,000 Years of Costume

1,000 Years of Costume: From the conquering Normans to the waist obsessed Victorian, see how fashions came and went over a millennia.

Kindra Jones will bring this changing timeline of fashion to life before your very eyes as she pads, flattens and squeezes her silhouette to match each era. Using her personal collection of museum quality historical reproduction clothing, she will show how religion, politics and necessity have shaped garments over time. Having worn historical costume herself for almost 15 years, Kindra will not only show you what the clothing looks like, but tell you what it is like to wear it too; from hilarious mishaps to eye-opening revelations.

Sunday 9th Feb at 2:00pm. Admission £6.50; Concessions £5 – click here to book