Ration Books to Rock ‘n’ Roll – free exhibition

18 Jan 2022

Explore an incredible secret room and discover real-life local heroes at the ‘Ration Books to Rock ‘n’ Roll’ free exhibition

This exhibition is all about the Guildhall’s one-of-a-kind Royal Observer Corps Operations Room and the amazing people who staffed it.

Shop assistants, newspaper editors, housewives, garage mechanics – a huge variety of people volunteered to join the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) and be ‘the eyes and ears of the RAF’. With spotters out in the field reporting to plotters at Ops Rooms tables, the ROC helped defend the skies of Britain.

The Guildhall Ops Room was originally part of a network of 40 Ops Rooms spread across the UK, but it is now the only one left in the country.

You’ll discover the remarkable real-life heroes who staffed the Ops Room, and explore what life was like in Bury, with displays, hands-on activities, performances and talks.

Saturday 26th March – Sunday 10th April 2022

Open every day 

Free entry 10am – 4pm

Accompanying events will include talks, concerts and creative activities. 

This event is sponsored by Bury St Edmunds Town Council.