Exhibition – Echoes at the Guildhall: 3rd – 11th September 2019


ECHO ARTS will be exploring the history of this fascinating building through their artwork to capture the essence of the Guildhall’s history, in particular its relationship to Bury St Edmunds Abbey and the complex interaction of both with the women of previous centuries.

ECHO ARTS is a collective of diverse artists whose individual and contrasting techniques serve to both stimulate and inspire each others work.  Their unique combination of innovative and traditional media makes their exhibitions a delight for visitors of all ages and tastes.

Singly, members of the Group have exhibited nationally and internationally and as a unit their shows have spanned the Eastern Counties of the UK.  This exhibition will feature:

Helen M. Stevens, Society of Women Artists

Evelyn Polk

Catherine Smith

Vlasta Shevchenko

Julia Groves

Admission to the exhibition is free of charge on all days between 10am and 6pm.  The exhibition is supported by a number of talks and workshops, listed separately, some of which have admission charges.