Dissolution – What Happened Next?
Talk – 7th June

22 Dec 2021

Discover how the people of Bury adjusted as 500 years of Abbey influence ended, at this special Guildhall talk.

When Henry VIII attacked the Church, it wasn’t just the Abbey that fell to ruin, it was a whole way of life. After the Dissolution, the Guildhall stepped into the power vacuum the Abbey left behind. Explore what life was like for the ordinary people swept up in one of the most turbulent periods of English history.

This is the first of three special talks at the Guildhall, celebrating the 1000th Anniversary of the Abbey of St Edmund:

Riots, Revolt, and Rebellion – Tuesday 14th June

Fleeces to Philanthropy – Tuesday 21st June

Date – Tuesday 7th June

Time – 7:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

Tickets – £15

Ticket price includes a drink
in the Guildhall gardens before the talk