Drawing Threads Exhibition-
Out of the Fold Textile Group

5 Oct 2021

Out of the Fold Textile group member, Heather Black, describes how lockdown inspired the group to create this special exhibition

It’s always exciting starting on a new theme for an exhibition and preparations for this one began well over two years ago.  When I first started getting ideas together for my piece for the ‘Drawing Threads’ theme, I was in my final year of an Advanced Stitched textile course with Creative Stitch.  My final piece for that course was also in the planning stage and was to be a textured wall hanging taking inspiration from the theme of decay.

At the time the deadlines were very tight, so I decided to combine the two themes and create one piece which fit the brief and dimensions of both.  My research for this piece took inspiration from the beauty of worn and repaired textiles, old crumbling buildings and rusty objects.  This sparked thoughts about the way our world is in a very fragile state with ever increasing landfill waste, and how our actions are impacting the natural environment, and so my piece ‘Hanging by a thread’ took shape.

The finished wall hanging moves from being bright and colourful, slowly turning rusty and showing the beauty of decay.  Many threads have been drawn and stitched through the individual pieces to create a fragile looking hanging.

As the Out of the Fold exhibition was to take place during the 1000th anniversary of Bury Abbey we decided to use that theme to create a second piece each for the exhibition.  Many of the Abbey buildings are now crumbling structures, but just as beautiful as they once would have been.  I therefore took inspiration from my favourite one to create my piece ‘Abbey of St. Edmund’.

During lockdown many of us were looking for a new stitching challenge to keep our fingers active, so we decided to work on a third piece each for the exhibition and finishing touches are now being done on those, so there will be a wonderful array of works for visitors to see.

Profile image by Caroline Brown