Beyond the Brushstroke – Bosch & Botticelli

20 Apr 2021

About Stuart

“I have been interested in art from quite a young age. I would have studied Art History at university but I felt I needed to do something more practical and took Economics and International Relations instead. Once I was older I took the plunge and studied Art History through the Open University. It was all I hoped for and more. What I love about Art History is that you not only look at the piece of art in terms of the skill of the artist, but you place it in its historical and cultural setting which tells you so much more about how, why and for whom the work was created.”

Stuart is part of our amazing volunteer team. We’re looking out for new volunteers to help us re-open the Guildhall in summer 2021.



Here in Suffolk we’re not far from ‘Constable Country’. But did you know that before Bosch’s Haywain there had never before been a painting with the main subject being a haywain, as his work predates Constable?


Botticelli may be well known for painting nudes in the Renaissance but did you know that he was summoned by the Pope in 1481 to paint in the Sistine Chapel?